Posted on October 9, 2023 by Mike Means

This is an article taken from The National Association of Home Builders website. To view the full article, read here.

Today’s home buyer doesn’t just want a personalized purchasing experience — they expect it. And the numbers speak for themselves:

  • 70% of buyers expect personalized interactions with businesses

  • 76% of customers get frustrated when companies don’t deliver personalized interactions

  • The fastest-growing companies drive 40% more revenue from personalization than their counterparts.

A home is arguably the most personal product in the world. So home builders must incorporate the right technology — like online buyer experiences and 3D visualizations — into their business to enable the personalized experience today’s home buyers want and expect.

By being authentic, understanding your audience, and embracing technology, you can enhance your brand and provide a personalized experience for customers – making you a builder of choice.

Use Human-Centric Messaging

People don’t just buy products; they are buying better versions of themselves. When a home builder can authentically help buyers see themselves living better lives and achieving their aspirations by engaging with their product, that product becomes more valuable and differentiated.

Prospective buyers are more likely to choose your brand over competitors when they see themselves in your product and story.

Close Sales through Personalization

What if you could bring the high-touch, personal experience buyers get in a Design Center right to the buyer’s home? And in doing so, speed up the sales cycle?

Giving buyers a level of control to make decisions about their home and visualize it in the process can empower them to truly build a home they love that fits their needs and preferences.

This personalization in the sales cycle doesn’t just benefit buyers. It also helps you as the home builder by easily increasing option take rates and earning more revenue in each transaction.

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