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Editor's note: This column was published in the August edition of Oklahoma Builder magazine

By Steve Taylor
Associates Council Chair

Can you believe we are coming down to the end of summer and school has even started for some districts in Oklahoma? Wow, where has the time gone!

Steve TaylorWe are just a few short weeks away from this year’s building summit and it is going to be great as we are expecting record attendance numbers.

That really got me to thinking about how valuable my membership in my local association is.

I have the chance to network and build relationships with the builders of my area and also have the opportunity to spread those relationships to a state and national level through the state association and my NAHB membership. That is the beauty of being a member of your local association. Three in one!

When I started out as a member of the association as an associate, I really did not put much stock in it. Yes, I wanted to have the opportunities to network and build relationships on a local and state level, but it was not until I added the term “active” to the membership title that interactions really began to happen for me as a member.

Being an “active” member of the association has given me more opportunity than I ever would have received just being a “member.” By investing myself into my local and state association, I have been able to help make a difference to the associations I serve. I would have never been your state associates chair if I had not become “active.”

Simply, by being an active member of your local and state association, you will receive much more back than you put in. The knowledge, friendships and benefits of my membership has been returned to me in a greater abundance!

Door monitors needed for Summit

In the coming weeks I want to invite you to do as I have, and invest yourself into your state association as an associate member.

Consider coming to the summit as a volunteer and play an active part in making this year’s show the best yet. We are expecting a big crowd of builders and trades and we could use your help!

We are in need of about 15 people per day to help be room monitors, registration helpers and general door greeters and helpers.

If you would consider doing this, please email me at or call me at (580) 250-5417. You can volunteer for one day, both days or even a half a day. The dates are Sept. 21-22. 

Together we can serve actively as associates and help our state association do more for us!!!!!

Steve Taylor is chairman of the OSHBA Associates Council. He can be contacted at or at (580) 250-5417.

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