Posted on April 8, 2014 by Mike Means

Let me tell you about the OSHBA. Watch the video above in which I talk about our professional trade organization that represents Oklahoma home builders and associates. We have 11 affiliated associations across the state. We are part of a federation that when a person joins they are a member of their local association, state association and the national association of home builders.

Our members like to think they represent the professional builder in Oklahoma. Because there are no licensing requirements, anyone can be a home builder. But we have set up parameters on who can be a builder member of our association.

Builders have to have built homes for at least two years before they can join our association, or they can join on a probationary basis. After they get their two years of experience as an affiliate builder, then they can become a professional builder member.

Watch the video and learn the full story of the OSHBA.

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