Posted on March 8, 2017 by Mike Means

Editor’s note: This column will be published in the upcoming edition of Oklahoma Builder magazine


By Chris Evans

State Associates Chair


Hello, OSHBA members and Associates.

Chris Evans

My name is Chris Evans, and I am serving this year as the chair of the State Associates Council. I am an outside sales representative at Probuild in Oklahoma City, and have been in the industry in Oklahoma for more than 12 years. I have spent several years working with the very capable people in not only the state council but in my local councils, as well, to try better the important relationship between our builder and associate members. I have served as the secretary/treasurer, the vice chair and ultimately the chair for both COHBA and now for OSHBA. I spent one year as the chair of the Edmond council and another as the chair of the Cornerstone 100 group. All of these roles had one main objective, which was to come up with new ways to bring people together, thereby increasing the value of membership for all parties.

With that being said, another year is officially in the books. 2016 has come and gone, and with it many good things have come to fruition. We have seen a country come together to elect a president that undoubtedly will cause some commotion amongst many groups but who also brings a spirit of positive change and renewed optimism amongst builders and associates alike. In the upcoming months I hope to see that positive energy turned into results in not only our organization but also in our entire industry. I know that my colleagues and I, along with the various local home building organizations throughout the state, will spend our time focusing on the needs of our communities thereby strengthening them and the relationships between the members of these organizations as well.

If you have any ideas you want us to consider, would you please contact me?  If you would like me to come to your meeting, let me know that as well.  Working together for our association and industry, we will build the industry.

Until next time, Adios.

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