Posted on February 18, 2014 by Mike Means

Good Morning HBA Members!

Another week has come and gone at the Capitol. Some bills passed and some bills died. Others got laid over and some weren't heard.

The political news of last week was that Representative Jeff Hickman was elected by his colleagues as the Speaker of the House. Jeff had been Speaker Pro Temporare (Pro-tem is what most of us say) under former Speaker Kris Steele. He ran against TW Shannon and narrowly lost that race (according to inside sources). This time, he ran against the present pro-tem Mike Jackson and won. He is a friend of the industry, having carried some legislation for us a few years ago. I am working on him to become a member as he has joined with another member and is building homes in the NW OK area!

Our initiative on fixing HOA's that don't maintain their common areas passed easily out of committee last week. I expect it to be heard soon in the full House.

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