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By Mike Means, OSHBA Executive Vice President

I was talking with Ron Nance about CAPS training and how it has changed the way he designs and builds his houses. Ron's company, The Oaks Development Co in Lawton, builds luxury homes appealing mostly to Baby Boomers. He told me that incorporating the ideas from CAPS training adds tremendous value to his homes in the eyes of his customers.

Ron Nance"My objective is not to build a fully accessible home but to build a beautiful home for today that people can continue to live in comfortably as they age and their physical needs change," Ron said in discussing how he uses his CAPS training.

A few changes in new home construction could make private homes accessible. One simple suggestion Ron makes is providing at least one pathway to the front door without a step.

I asked Ron if he had any examples of how his CAPS training had affected one of his customers, and he told me a great story.

" About a year ago, we had an experience with a customer in her 80s who was using a walker and not far from having to use a wheelchair. She found a completed spec home that she loved and we were able to make a few changes to the home to make it a comfortable space for her to live. My CAPS training and knowledge helped me as we retrofitted the home to accommodate her needs."

We know that folks are living longer and they want to live independently in their homes. CAPS builders can help make that a reality for a lot of people. It's a great program and will make you and your company more successful.

CAPS I, CAPS II, and Business Management training will be held June 26 - 28. Go to for all the details and to register, today. The registration deadline is Monday.

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