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Todd Booze

Todd Booze

I want to thank you all for the confidence you have placed in me as your 2014 State President. As a professional builder for many years I care about this industry that has provided for me, my family and my partners. Over the years I have made many friends and have met many colleagues and they share the same passion I have for the industry. My goals, which I trust are your goals, are to help the association provide the most benefits to our members and continue to strengthen and preserve our industry.

I would be remiss if I first didn't thank Jeff for his service leading OSHBA and our industry last year and welcome Kurt Dinnes to the Leadership of OSHBA along with Phil Rhees. I am honored and appreciate the opportunity to serve you and our association in 2014.

As many businesses have had to change the way they operate over last 5 years and look at value they provide to customers, we have had to do the same at OSHBA as has NAHB and probably many local's HBA's across our great state. Our primary focus at State will be to continue our support of local HBA's, their members and keeping a positive and productive environment for our industry to operate related to legislative and regulatory issues that face our industry. Also we will continue to provide opportunities for education and how to keep up with and improve in the ever changing environment in which we operate.

When speaking of value of membership and to our industry, our focus this year will be on the Uniform Building Code Commission and the review and adoption of the 2015 IRC. Did you realize our representatives at NAHB already had driven approximately $8,000 of burdensome proposed code requirements at the ICC in the last cycle of creating the 2015 IRC? Now it is our turn to review and propose practical solutions to the code at the Uniform Building Code Commission that makes sense for us here in Oklahoma! This is where we will need help from all our members across the state.

There are many other avenues of support our Association provides at NAHB & State to our members so if any of you have regulatory challenges, code interpretation questions, legal or insurance related needs please contact us at OSHBA and let us know how we can help.

Be sure to check the rest of this email for some important announcements from the association. In the meantime, if I can be of assistance to you or your local association, please let me know. I look forward to seeing many of you in the coming months. Again I thank you for opportunity to serve and look forward to a great year in 2014!

OSHBA 2013 President Jeff Click

OSHBA 2013 President Jeff Click

It has been both an honor and a pleasure to have served as your 2013 President of the OK State Home Builders Association. The year went by surprisingly fast, yet much was accomplished this year. Our focus has been on promoting, providing, and creating more value for our membership, and while we have made great headway in that mission, much lies ahead for OSHBA to fully realize its potential in this area.

On January 10th, we installed what I believe to be one of the strongest Executive Boards that OSHBA has had in quite some time, and I couldn't be more excited to see what Kurt Dinnes, Phil Rhees, and President Todd Booze have in store for the years ahead. Although I'm now among the "has-beens" of OSHBA, I still possess both a strong conviction and sincere passion for service to our industry. This year, I will still serve on the Executive Board this year as Immediate Past-President, and moving forward, will continue to be involved as Co-Chair of the Legislative Affairs and BuildPAC efforts of OSHBA. I thank each of you not only for the privilege to serve you in leadership this year, but also to have served with you as we continue to champion the cause of home building in Oklahoma.

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