Posted on August 20, 2013 by Carol Hartzog

Sept.18 is coming up fast and bringing Oklahoma Building Summit 2013 with it. We all know that the 2009 IRC is being enforced and that knowing the codes, and the changes, is important to running a successful home building business. So, the Summit education tracks are going to focus on the IRC. We'll learn how to stay compliant.

Have you ever had a concrete slab crack? It happens, and there are lots of reasons for those surface cracks to appear. But, it's a good bet the problem is moisture.

Knowing the proper class to use of vapor-retarder will help eliminate those unsightly slab cracks. Vapor-retarder classes measure the ability of the material or assembly to limit the moisture that passes through it, and there are three classes designated in the code.

The "Foundation, Soils and Concrete Finishing" track has one session dedicated to slabs and vapor retarders. You'll learn from expert Leland Meiser with Dolese.

"Structural Framing: Walls and Roofs" will include wall-line bracing in its sessions. If you're building more complex designs, you will want to make a point to attend this track. Line bracing interior walls is now required as part of framing and the codes relate to the width and depth of the house. This is a Top Ten on the inspectors' list of rejection topics. Chris Ramseyer will lead the sessions and help you understand how to comply with these regulations. Ramseyer is director of the Donald G. Fears Structural Engineering Laboratory at OU.

IRC 2009 is the law of the land now, and the more you know the better for your business. If you haven't registered for Building Summit 2013, go to and start Building Smarter, Building Better! See you in Midwest City at Reed Center on Sept. 18.

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