With a lack of builder licensing in this state, the OkHBA purposefully made certification a strict process. Below are the requirements each builder must meet to qualify for certification.

  • Eligibility: Builder must be builder members of the OkHBA, in good standing, for at least two years, either through local association membership, chapter affiliation or via the at-large designation. In addition, builders must pay an annual fee of $100, not including continuing education costs.

  • Continuing Education: All Certified Professional Builders must obtain nine hours of continuing education each year, to ensure they are up-to-date on industry best practices and new regulations. Builders may also qualify for credits by attending classes at the International Builders Show. Proof of all classes and credits must be reported to OkHBA each year at the time of renewal. New applicants to the CPB program must obtain an initial 9 hours of continuing education prior to becoming a CPB. (Due to the postponement of the 2020 OK Building Summit & Expo, CE requirements will be waived until Sept. 2021)
  • Applicable Law: All program participants must comply with Oklahoma statutes concerning residential contractors.
  • Finances: Certified Professional Builders must meet the credit check standards as set by their local associations.
  • Insurance: All Certified Professional Builders must carry a minimum premium insurance policy of workers compensation and a minimum $1 million in general liability coverage.
  • Membership: All applicants must a builder member of their local association for two consecutive years.
  • Warranty: Active Certified Professional Builders must provide their homeowners with a written warranty of no less than one year.
  • Code of Ethics: Each member must adhere to the OkHBA Code of Ethics, found here.
  • Minimum Constructions Standards: Certified Professional Builders must build in compliance with all appropriate local, state and national building codes.

All participants who fail to meet the above requirements, particularly maintaining the continuing education classes and having the minimum insurance coverage, will be ineligible for recertification for one year.

Interested in Becoming a Certified Professional Builder?

For those builders interested in becoming Certified Professional Builders who meet initial eligibility requirements, please contact Jorie Helms by email (Jorieh@okhba.org) or by phone (405-843-5579).

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