Posted on February 8, 2018 by Jorie Helms


This is a loose translation from Bob Dylan’s song, but it seemed appropriate. Our industry is in the midst of changes from economic to social to political spheres

of influence. We see the reports, releases and yes, tweets, and know that change is coming.

Will we see tax reform on the national level? If we do, will the mortgage interest deduction be a thing of the past?

On the state level, will the budget compromise actually help the industry or just maintain a status quo? Will it include some services that are no longer sales tax exempt? Will we see a teacher pay raise? October was workforce development month and there was much talk about the need for more emphasis on construction trades. Will we see that change in our schools or technology centers?

Socially, we hear about millennials finally entering the housing market. One report says that once they become

homeowners they begin to act like the generations before them. Turns out they like homes in suburbs with good schools. So what does that mean for our industry?

As one writer put it, “the only thing constant in this world is change.” If change affects our industry, you know it will affect our association.

Membership models are being examined and test cases are taking place. Governance is also being examined as to what works the best. Dues and how they are paid and collected are also being examined. This last area is one we are particularly excited about.

If you haven’t already, you will soon hear about Dues Hub powered by Billhighway. This promises to be a new tool that will help with dues payments, recruitment and retention. It is a tool that will provide for online applications, payment flexibility, automated funds routing plus useful and practical data integration.

Yes, changes are coming. But this is one we can be excited about.

Until next time...

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