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signThe nature of work and the relationship between employees and their jobs have changed. It’s not just millennials: Multiple studies have shown that workers of all ages care deeply about meaningful work, with most citing purpose as more important than income to their work and career satisfaction.

The construction industry is uniquely poised to allow workers to engage with critical issues such as environmental protection, affordable housing and poverty alleviation, and home builders, remodelers and the trades are able to make a significant impact on the causes they care most about.

As you recruit new team members, let them know how home building makes a difference.

Create Affordable Housing

High demand and limited supply have contributed to a lack of affordable housing, but there is good news: With improvements in technology, companies are working to drastically cut costs for building processes and materials, which translate to lower selling costs, making home ownership a real possibility for millions more Americans. For workers with an interest in technology, innovation and addressing the nationwide affordable housing crisis, construction careers could be a perfect fit.

Aid in Disaster Recovery

Recent hurricanes, wildfires and other natural disasters have devastated areas like Houston, Puerto Rico, Northern California, and Florida, destroying thousands of homes. These areas need workers who can help rebuild communities from the ground up, with a focus on strong, safe structures that help prevent such devastation in the future. Construction careers in disaster recovery are focused on serving desperate populations and providing tangible assistance to get people back into their homes, jobs, and schools quickly and safely. Now more than ever, the construction industry needs skilled workers to fill pressing needs.

Improve Low-Income Communities

In low-income areas, residents are plagued with a multitude of issues that often leave them stuck in a cycle of poverty. Houses and businesses suffer from outdated energy systems that are expensive to maintain, and safety hazards like asbestos and mold are rampant. The home building industry serves these communities by renovating buildings to improve safety conditions and implement cost-efficient energy upgrades, and building more affordable homes as they can also create jobs and provide training for workers within these communities.

Protect the Environment

Green design and construction is dedicated to using sustainable materials and practices, and recent technological advances have made renewable energy more affordable and accessible, reducing long-term costs and conserving precious natural resources. For workers with a passion for environmental preservation, construction careers provide an opportunity to work on sustainable projects that improve communities while protecting the environment for this and future generations.

Support Local and Global Initiatives

While finding purpose in work is undoubtedly a crucial component of being an engaged, satisfied employee, construction careers have the added bonus of providing healthy paychecks and plenty of room for career advancement.

NAHB’s Careers in the Construction Trades page shows that workers can earn average annual salaries well into the upper $40k and 50k mark with strong room for industry growth into the coming decade. Even for employees who are focused primarily on purpose, these paychecks matter: They can provide workers with the financial freedom to pursue their passions, whether that means donating to local or global charities, traveling the world to broaden their horizons or do mission work, or investing in research and development of technologies to improve the world.

Recruit Skilled, Passionate Workers

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