Posted on August 27, 2013 by Carol Hartzog

Summit logoPlanning to attend the Sept. 18 the Oklahoma Building Summit 2013? Know that some topics will not be repeated in the afternoon.

The summit will be held at Reed Center in Midwest City, starting at 7:30 a.m.

The agenda is packed with information you and your company need, to build smart and comply with IRC 2009. Each of the four tracks addresses areas that have caused us all problems, and we can learn to fix them.

Most morning sessions will be repeated during the afternoon, so you don't have to miss a presentation you need.

Three tracks will have at least one unique topic session presented only once. Check for the exact times, room assignments and presenters.

"Structural Framing, Walls and Roofs" will cover Wall Bracing I and II. Weather-Resistant Barriers will be presented at 11:15 only.

"Foundation, Soils and Concrete Finishing" will repeat "Common Problems with Concrete and How to Prevent" and "Concrete Slabs and Vapor Retarder: How to Avoid Unsightly Slab Cracks" during the morning and afternoon. "Soils and Foundation Design" will be offered only at 11:15.

"Energy Performance, Compliance" and "The HERS Connection" will offer five unique topics throughout the day, not to be repeated: "Mechanical Design," "IRC and Energy Efficiency Compliance," "What is a HERS Rating?" "Insulation and Air Barriers," and "The IRC and Energy Efficiency: HVAC, Insulation and Air Barriers."

"Additional Topics" offers sessions on legal and compliance topics not covered by the other tracks. "OUBCC Code Adoption Process" and "Construction Law Warranty and Tort Liability" will each be repeated in the afternoon.

You can tell it's a great chance to learn from the experts, not to mention a chance to visit exhibits to see what's new and to network with other builders. Don't let this opportunity pass you by! Register and join us at the Summit! See you there.

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