Posted on November 3, 2010 by Mike Means

Ok folks, election is Tuesday, November 2. Are you ready? We last discussed the State Questions, now, who do you vote for? What will be the ultimate outcome?

Well, I don't feel it is my place to tell folks who to vote for, but I can share a couple of interesting tidbits, such as who our Political Action Committee (PAC) supported. Knowing how the association's leadership feels about a candidate may give you a good idea as to who they feel may be the best bet for our industry. Because our PAC is somewhat limited in size, we don't get involved in every race.

Our PAC supported Mary Fallin for Governor, Todd Lamb for Lt. Governor and Scott Pruitt for Attorney General. Some of you may be wondering why we got involved in the Lt. Governor's race. Well, Todd Lamb, when he was a freshman state senator cut his legislative teeth carrying our Right to Remedy bill. Homebuilders don't forget their friends.

I know there are some other statewide races that are on the ballot, but again, with a limited PAC we directed resources to the legislative races. After all, that is the area that hurts or helps our industry as they are the lawmaking body. If you have a particular race you are interested in, drop me an email and I will tell you if the PAC got involved.

On the Federal level, we supported all the incumbents. I think most Oklahomans will agree we have a terrific Congressional delegation and I can tell you they truly support our industry. The only open seat is the one being vacated by Mary Fallin. In that race we have contributed to the candidacy of James Lankford.

Now, for a prediction or two. The easy one is that the House and the Senate in Oklahoma will remain in the hands of the Republicans. In Washington DC, I think the Republicans will take Congress but I think in the Senate the Democrats hang on for a very narrow margin. We will find out very soon, won't we?

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