Posted on June 4, 2012 by Mike Means

Happy June everyone! I guess with school out, the legislative session over, and Memorial weekend behind us, it is now officially summer.

This is the time when most of us will take vacations. What are your vacation plans? A

Brandon Perkins

short trip or that long awaited get-away? Will it be a family affair? Might I suggest you consider including our annual summer convention in your plans? There is more information later in this newsletter but Elizabeth and I would love to see you. Yes, we are planning to be there with the kids in tow! See more information below and check it out.

Part of my summer plans include visiting the local associations. If you have a meeting coming up which you particularly would like me to attend will you drop me a note? Otherwise you were all kind enough to give me your schedules so I am trying to coordinate with my other meetings. As I write this I am planning to go to Enid's Steak Fry tomorrow night. (Yes, steak is a good incentive for me to attend!)

I am looking forward to getting feedback from the NAHB Spring Board later this week. My schedule did not allow me to attend, but I know that Phil Rhees, Joe Robson, Mike Means, Paul Kane and others will more than ably represent Oklahoma. We are very fortunate to have the delegation we do in Oklahoma. Many of them are co-sponsors of legislation that NAHB is advocating!

I am also hearing that building in most areas of the state is picking up. Last month we had Eliot Eisenburg, one of NAHB's economist in Tulsa. We are fortunate in Oklahoma because many of our building brothers are still struggling. When you go to bed tonight and rest that weary head from a hard day's work, will you pray a little thanksgiving for being in Oklahoma, but also pray a prayer for blessing on our building brothers?

It has been a joy representing you as President. Please let me know if you have any suggestions on what I can be doing to further advocate for our industry.

Brandon Perkins, 2012 State President

Upcoming Events

July 19-21- OSHBA Summer Convention.

This year the annual convention will be held at the Chateau on the Lake in Branson, MO.

We have the speakers lined up for what promises to be a great convention.

For everyone in the group, our keynote will be Colonel Steve Russell, the leader of the team that captured Saddam Hussein. His story is filled with leadership training techniques that you can use in your business. Be sure to thank Mid-Continent Insurance and CFR Insurance for sponsoring Colonel Russell!

Also, back by popular demand is Mike Lyon, a leader is social media marketing. His is one of the highest rated seminars we have held.

For more details and for registration (yes, registration is open) click here. And don't forget to contact the Chateau and make your room reservations!

We also need to thank OG&E and ONG for being our main convention sponsors once again. We really appreciate their partnership in all we do!

Special Opportunity for Social Media

Have you ever thought, "how do I reach potential customers through social media?" There are many sites and how does one run their business AND do the social media side of things? Well, you can let someone else do the driving! OSHBA has worked an offer with Smirk New Media - they will deliver unique online content every day to get your brand in front of your community.

For special pricing and details, click here.

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