Posted on May 21, 2013 by Mike Means

Jeff Click 2013In a time such as this, as humans, we can't help but hurt for those who have suffered loss. As home builders, we can't help but want to pitch in and start the rebuilding process in any way we can.

The Oklahoma State Home Builders Association has heard from many members statewide seeking ways to help fellow builders, their families, trades, and vendors, as well as others who have been affected by the tornados in Shawnee and Moore. We are currently reaching out to those we know who live and work in these areas to assess their damage and their needs. Look for more on this today.

In the meantime, the Central Oklahoma Home Builders Association has agreed to make their campus available as a donation drop point for anyone in OSHBA who would like to contribute to the relief effort. Needs include bottled water, canned and dried packaged goods, clothing, shoes, towels, blankets, toiletries, paper goods, diapers and wipes, and similar products. Please contact COHBA staff at (405) 843.1508 to coordinate the drop off of any of these items. The campus address is420 E. Britton Road in Oklahoma City, which can be mapped here:

We will certainly keep you informed of what the needs specifically are and how you can help as we learn of needs within our membership. Until then, we encourage you to consider providing aid through prayer, through donating goods to the COHBA checkpoint, and through financial contributions to organizations like the Red Cross and Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma.

As the efforts transition from search-and-rescue to recovery, OSHBA and its statewide membership stand ready to provide continued support to those affected. We will lead in the rebuilding efforts, making our seasoned Builder Members and expert tradespeople and suppliers available to help with the recovery from start to finish.

We are a trade organization thousands-strong of hard-working, faith-filled Oklahomans. Our hearts go outto,and our prayers go up on behalf of, those who are suffering through loss as a result of this storm.

Jeff Click, President

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