Posted on November 13, 2013 by Carol Hartzog

Editor's Note: This summer, the OSHBA surveyed 5,000 members and non-members about the OSHBA and its effectiveness. Bottom line: Members value the association but OSHBA must do better in communicating perceived value and creating opportunities to strengthen relationships. Here's what touched the leadership about the survey results. A full report will be in the Winter 2013 issue of Builder Magazine, which you will see in your mail in December.


Todd Booze, vice president/treasurer, OSHBA
Todd Booze, vice

Sometimes you can only commit to be a member - and you should do that. But you do get more when you put something into it, and OSHBA is better than it used to be with more programs and resources. What we need more than anything is financial commitment. Why? Because we have been able to "get a voice" in the room at the Capitol when legislation comes up, and we are on top of what's happening on regulatory issues and our upcoming code review. It makes housing better for us all.



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