Posted on April 7, 2014 by Mike Means

When Oklahomans decide to invest in building a new home, one of the most important decisions they face is that of choosing a builder. The choice of reputable builder is as critical as location or the style of home.

In a new video, I share some of the ideas that home owners-to-be should consider in selecting a home builder. Here are highlights that are explained more fully in the video:

  • First things first: Be sure that you use a written contract with a builder. A written contract is going to make sure that you get what you expected and the builder knows what you want. That written contract provides protection for both the builder and for the new home owner.
  • Ensure the builder has the required insurance. You want to make sure he has general liability, builder's risk and worker's comp. A member of the OSHBA is going to have those insurance liabilities in place.
  • Make sure the builder is going to provide a written warranty. When things go wrong with a home or you think they are not right, you need to know whether they are covered under warranty or not. I'm surprised at how many people make their largest investment, which is a home, and don't get a written warranty so they know what is actually covered.
  • Check the builder's references. This is one of the most common overlooked items that I highly recommend. And follow up by calling the references to gain insight on how he has performed in the past, even from satisfied customers.

With this checklist in mind, you can check our website to find a list of builders. We also have a listing of different state associations, so you can go to those associations and check out the builders that are members there. Our website also features a list of certified professional builders in Oklahoma, those who have stepped up to become certified and whom we consider the best of the best.

By following this checklist, chances are you will be a happy homeowner for years to come.

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