Posted on August 27, 2012 by Mike Means

We thought you'd enjoying hearing from Certified Green Professionals around the state as to the importance of buying energy-efficient homes.

Next month, the Oklahoma Green Building Summit is scheduled for Sept. 27 at

the Reed Center in Midwest City. What better time to ask the question?

What should we know about buying an energy-efficient home?

"Energy efficiency isn't just a niche or trend any more. It's a no-brainer for

homeowners, making it a no-brainer for builders to be thinking about. The energy

performance on a home can be dramatically affected by even simple adjustments

to how homes are built. Even minimal effort, minimal cost techniques can reap huge savings in energy over the life of the home. I love hearing from clients who see a decrease in utility bills in their larger, new home vs. their smaller, older home they just moved out of."

-- Jeff Click, Vice President/Treasurer, Oklahoma State Home Builders

Association, Edmond.

"Green Building Certification is a higher standard than typical code-built

housing. It assures the consumer has a product with lower energy- and water-

consumption as well as improved indoor air quality that is verified by a third party. The value of these Green attributes exceeds the costs, especially in terms of comfort, utility expenses and resale value. These drivers will push consumers and builders toward Certified Green homes in the future."

-- Larry Cagle, Certified Green Professional, Broken Arrow

"What I tell prospects during events like the parade, etc. is that green building

isn't just about the environment, it's about money. When we use better products

and better installation techniques that create a more energy-efficient and longer-

lasting home, the cost may increase slightly but the maintenance, energy costs

and overall cost of ownership go down by a multiple of any project increases. Our average customer may spend $30 more in a monthly mortgage payment -- which is typically fixed -- but will save more than $100 in monthly ownership cost -- which are variable and will increase over time. In the end, the customer has a better-built home that provides a more comfortable, cleaner home with reduced allergens, dust and insects all at a lower cost over time. It's a win-win."

-- Kirk Murdoch, Certified Green Professional, Owasso

"When a homebuyer asks, all builders will say they build energy-efficient

homes. But how does a client really know? This is when inspecting, testing and

confirming a home's energy performance using a third-party becomes the new

industry expectation. It protects the homebuyer and levels the competition with


-- Bryan Kim Turner, Certified Green Professional, Edmond

"A green builder looks at the whole house not just the holes -- where air seeps in.

Building energy-efficient homes takes pride in your work, building a better future

is just American."

--Shane Ross, Certified Green Professional, Ardmore

"Buyers should beware of the energy standard that new houses are built to and

strive to purchase homes built to the highest standards. There are different levels

of energy efficiency. With the cost of utilities continuing to rise it will become

more important to have as high efficiency as possible within your budget.

-- Roger Gose, Certified Professional Builder, Stillwater

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