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By Jeff Click

Vice President/Secretary

Oklahoma State Home Builders Association

Seeking my Certified Professional Builder designation was a priority for me as I grew my

Jeff Click
Jeff Click, Vice
Oklahoma State Home
Builders Association


business. In fact, I could argue that my Certified Professional Builder status was - and continues to be - central to the success of Jeff Click Homes.

I originally explored getting my CPB designation because it was a natural fit with my company's core values - progress and excellence. The certification requires that I complete a certain level of continuing education classes each year. These classes keep me up-to-date on the information essential to my business, including new insurance, safety and ethics rules and regulations.

I also learn industry-best practices through these classes. By staying current on what the best builders around the country are doing, I am able to offer my clients both an excellent experience and a high-quality product.

Speaking of clients, my certification offers me a competitive advantage when responding to bids and meeting with individuals interested in building a home.

As a non-licensed state, Oklahoma has little regulation or oversight when it comes to home building. Many clients are becoming wise to this fact, and savvy homeowners understand the need for seeking out a home builder committed to staying at the top of the industry.

One of the benefits of obtaining certification is the ability to display the Certified Professional Builder logo as part of my showroom. Most prospective homeowners comment on it, and want to learn more. This moment provides the perfect opportunity for me to differentiate myself from my competitors, and the certification adds instant credibility.

The Certified Public Builder status allows me to set myself apart from other builders. Since Oklahoma does not require licensing, anyone can call himself or herself a builder. I want my clients to rest assured that they are working with a builder who is constantly pursuing excellence.

As a Certified Public Builder, I am showing my clients that I am committed to learning and incorporating the best that our industry has to offer.


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