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Summit logo larger new blogEDITOR'S NOTE: Several 2014 Summit attendees told us what dollars they saved in learning process-efficiency principles. This year's Summit that begins today at the Cox Center in Oklahoma City will be equally beneficial to the bottom line. Here's what builder Jim McWhirter says.

Jim McWhirter
Jim McWhirter

"Lean construction principles are all very practical ideas. I've been building and developing for more than 31 years now, and I have noticed and thought about these issues for years now. I think for savings, smaller-volume builders are there, whether you build 10 houses a year or 500 houses a year. I can see where the savings could go anywhere from $2,000 per house on a smaller house on up to a larger home where you could save $10,000 on a larger home."

-- JIM MCWHIRTER, CPB, Choctaw/Midwest City

Past president of Central Oklahoma Home Builders Association

Watch a video interview with Jim McWhirter

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