Posted on September 27, 2011 by Mike Means

The Oklahoma Green Building Summit is in full swing today with the grandfather

of building science Joe Lstiburek in perfect form, as usual. He makes us laugh -

gigging the government, the American way and builders in general. Good clean

fun while teaching us a great deal.

Approximately 400 were registered this morning when we kicked off at the Reed

Center in Midwest City.

About 10-15 percent of those in attendance are Realtors, here to hear what's the

buzz about energy-efficient building. Hats off to the Green Resource Council of

the Oklahoma City Metropolitan Association of Realtors for beating the drum to

boost their representation today, particularly to Sarah Bytyqi, head of the council.

The day kicked off early with an overview by Kelly Parker with GWS on what the

new code requirements are for builders, not only in energy-efficient construction

but also in overall construction procedures.

Approximately 50 or 60 builders attended this early session. Oklahoma State

Home Builders Association president Mike Herndon told me he learned a great

deal about what it'll take to be compliant with the new code requirements. "We

covered not only energy efficiency but other areas of code mandates, involving

tie-downs, for example."

It's not too late. Come on out for this afternoon's sessions - three separate

breakouts. One with Joe geared to builders, one geared to Realtors with Kelly

Parker and OSHBA Green Council Chair Todd Booze, and one geared to appraisers.

Go to for all the info you need about this

afternoon's sessions. Wednesday, we kick off at 8:30, and the conversation will

revolve around commercial building.

See you there.

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