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Editor's note: This article will be published in the August edition of Oklahoma Builder magazine

Todd HalletBy MIKE MEANS
OSHBA Executive Vice President

Ok, you have seen and heard the call to register for the upcoming Oklahoma Building Summit and Expo Sept. 21-22.  You have registered, right?

If you haven’t, well, let me give you a few more excellent reasons as to why you should.

Reason #1 – Code Update.  Yes, we have a new code taking effect in November!  Sure, this may sound boring but knowing the latest version of the International Residential Code can save you a lot of headaches and unnecessary expenditures. 

Reason #2 – Color Trends.  We have Lisa Peck, a premier interior design expert and consultant coming to the Summit.  What could be worse than putting your new home on the market only to find you are so using yesterday’s colors!  That’s like wearing that wide tie to a party!

Al TrellisBryan JonesReason #3 – Design Trends.  Todd Hallett will be presenting on the latest design trends.  Even more, he will show you how to cut corners, literally, to save dollars and build more efficiently.  If you are a student of “lean building,” this is the class for you as you can also add “lean design” to your repertoire.  We will be looking for a few good builders willing to let their designs be used for demonstration purposes.

Reason #4 – Quality Control.  GuildQuality, recognized across the NAHB world as a quality provider (pun intended), will help you in ssuring your customers a great experience.  This class is a result of builders’ requests.

Reason #5 – Project Management.  This is another class from the “you asked for it” catalogue.  BuilderTrend will be presenting ways to improve your bottom line.

What more reasons do you need?  A great lineup of speakers, a quality group of vendors in our expo, and great networking with colleagues and friends from around the state.  Quite frankly, we’re surprised you are not already registered.

Go to right now and get ‘er done.

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