Posted on November 10, 2014 by By Carol Hartzog Communications

Editor's note: The Oklahoma Building Summit registered the most participants of any summit in its six-year history - more than 400, and raised the most revenue, which will turn back into producing a bigger event/show next year, Aug. 26-27 at Cox Convention Center.

"I've already talked to our team, sitting through a couple of classes. One of the big things we've talked about was the start package. We kind of know the importance of the start package, but we got away from making sure we have a complete house start package before we start every home. I think if we get back to that, that's going to be cost-savings. I think if we look at the course of a single home, I think we can see easily $1,000 plus a home in call-backs or mistakes that were made because we all didn't understand exactly what that build was before we started."


State Representative for South Oklahoma Home Builders Association

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