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Scott Sedam
Scott Sedam

MIDWEST CITY In a show-and-tell keynote presentation at the recent Oklahoma Building Summit, lean building advocate Scott Sedam displayed example after example of waste in the building process.

As he spoke to about 400 Oklahoma home builders at the Reed Center in Midwest City, Sedam's accompanying slide presentation displayed multiple examples of waste that are everyday occurrences in the home-building industry.

The Building Summit was presented by the Oklahoma State Home Builders Association.

In a presentation titled "My Favorite Train Wrecks," Sedam's examples ranged from Dumpsters full of usable air-conditioning ductwork, to dozens of wood trusses exposed to weather for long periods of time, to homes overbuilt with features.

"We see these things happen all the time, and all it is is money," Sedam said.

All are examples of waste and add to the builder's cost of doing business, adding an average of $9,000 per construction job, he said.

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