Posted on April 11, 2015 by Mike Means

Hello Members:

Attached is the weekly legislative report and also this week's video update.

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This week saw another major deadline at the Capitol. Bills had to be heard at the Committee level in the opposite house or they are dormant for the year. For example, a House bill had to be heard at the Committee level in the Senate to stay alive. If a bill was not heard, then it is dormant.

Here is a real example: HB 2231 was the Construction Registry bill that was supported by many in the commercial construction industry. That bill had made it through the House and was awaiting action in the Senate. It got assigned to the Senate Judiciary and Senator Anthony Sykes, Chairman of the Committee, decided not to hear the bill. So by not being scheduled before the deadline, it is now dormant. It cannot be heard this year.

Discussions are still ongoing on resolving the budget issues. According to today's Oklahoman there may be a deal on the table for the wind industry incentives. If so, that provides some relief for the legislature to consider when dealing with other incentives. One of which, is our energy efficient residential construction tax credit. The bill that puts a sunset of June 30, 2018, on the credit.

Our hope is that bill doesn't go anywhere. Why? Because there will be an incentive review process started if current legislation passes. It is my opinion to not do any legislative work until the process has a chance to work.

Our Registration bill is still awaiting a floor vote. Currently the title is off the bill. Our goal right now is to get the bill passed by the Senate and send it to Conference Committee. There we will have a chance to address some of the issues causing concern and then present a clean bill for the legislature.

Enjoy the weekend. Keep building.

Mike Means, State EO

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