Posted on April 20, 2015 by Mike Means

HBA Members:

Sorry this report is late. Had a couple of technical difficulties. Needless to say, in the attached video it will mention an Action Alert that you have already recieved!

This week is the final deadline week prior to the end of session deadline. Floor action must be completed in the opposite body. So, for example, that means House bills must have final action on the Senate floor to remain alive.

That is the situation with our Registration bill. Thus the Action Alert.

I will probably be sending the other alert later this week that deals with our tax credits. As the video says, tax credits are getting a lot of attention and the Energy Efficient Residential Construction credit is getting even more. Keep an eye on your emails!

That is it for now. Watch the video update here:

Click here for the complete tracking list.

Mike Means, State EO

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