Posted on May 24, 2016 by By Carol Hartzog Communications
By Mike Means
Executive Vice President
OSHBA Members:
Last week was the next to last week of the session.  The legislature worked fast and furious trying different revenue raising measures as they tried to close the $1.3 Billion shortfall.  
They tried to raise the cigarette tax and failed.  They attempted to remove some tax credits.  A couple were sent back to the drawing board.  Some passed.
The bad news/good news story dealt with the Energy Efficient Residential Construction tax credit.  The bad news is the tax credit was one of those removed.  The good news is that thanks to many of you who responded to our Call to Action, the bill was amended to July 1, 2016 instead of January 1, 2016 as originally introduced.
Watch the video below to hear a little more.  This link will take you to the updated tracking list.

Hang on ... hopefully just one more week to go.
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