Posted on May 10, 2012 by Mike Means

Things were fairly quiet at the Capitol this week. First order of business is to either accept or reject the latest amendments. Most of them were rejected sending bills to conference committee. There were a few notable exceptions.

HB 2155 - the opt-out workers compensation bill was the first to be considered. Our official position was neutral because our insurance consultants were unsure of the ramifications of the bill. We just didn't know. Anyway, the amendments were accepted, but then the bill was defeated. Eventually the bill died because the reconsideration motion expired. (If a bill is defeated, you have three days to ask the vote be reconsidered, after that, it is dead.)

Late this week saw debate on the future of OETA, our public television station. After much debate it was decided to let them function for 2 more years. The legislature still hasn't finalized a budget, so it is possible to allow them to function but then not appropriate them any funds.

The two main bills we are supporting are still alive and in conference. I expect action next week - so be ready for an ACTION ALERT.

The weekly report is attached here.

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