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Oklahoma has an important new voice connecting local OSHBA members to the National Association of Home Builders. Charles Liuzzo was named field representative after serving four years with NAHB BUILD-PAC.

Charles Liuzzo
Charles Liuzzo

The field representative program is newly created and is intended to connect NAHB with its local members at a grassroots level. It provides assistance to locals with executive officer training and support and strengthens locals membership recruitment and membership services provided by NAHB.

Also, the field rep program will be a communication conduit to NAHB so the NAHB can better understand issues affecting locals across the country.

Each field representative will live in the area he or she serves and be on the road with local member 40 weeks our of the year. The field rep program will start with five field reps the first year: one in each region utilizing existing NAHB Staff at a cost of about $690,000.

Liuzzo will ensure that all members are aware of national/local resources, letting members know what NAHB is doing on Capitol Hill as he covers an eight-state area of the three-year field representative program.

As an example of his services, Liuzzo said he was attending the San Antonio HBA boardmeeting and the membership was discussing the federal Truth in Lending act and its confusing rules. Liuzzo was able to give them an update and provide an NAHB education tool kit of which members were not aware.

In his role with BUILD-PAC, Liuzzo served as the main point of contact for members and local associations in 25 states and helped develop fund-raising and political advocacy awareness campaigns. He is a native of Baltimore, Maryland, and resides in Dallas.


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