Posted on December 9, 2014 by Mike Means

One of my favorite duties as the State EO is to go visit the local associations and install their upcoming officers. I especially look forward to Bartlesville because of their tradition. You see, their local executive officer, who is a volunteer, always buys the lunch and ... it is prime rib. Wow!

The usual format includes me rambling about the latest issues facing the association and the state. Then a few questions. Then swearing-in the new team.

Aaron Rovenstine
Aaron Rovenstine

The 2015 President for the Bartlesville HBA is Aaron Rovenstine. Born and raised in Bartlesville, Aaron began his career in construction, working "Hands On" with some of the premier contractors of the area. Today Aaron is building custom and spec homes of the highest quality. His daily uncompromising attention to detail, assures the homebuyer of true long-term value. Aaron's character and integrity promotes a trusting environment for the customer to enjoy the construction. Experienced: Establishing his business in 2006, he has developed a fine list of satisfied customers that are eager to offer references at anytime.

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