Posted on December 6, 2011 by Brandon Perkins

Good Morning, (I say Good Morning because this is late getting out and most of you aren't reading it on Monday but Tuesday!)!

I woke up this morning with about two inches of snow.

Michael Herndon,
2011 OSHBA President

It's that time of the year again when we all wish all of our jobs were in the dry and heated. Time delays because of weather are just a standard part of residential building and planning for it is just impossible at times. Good luck planning around Oklahoma weather!

I've started the annual tour of local associations and made the long trip from my home to Tulsa's Hard Rock Friday night for the Rogers County Builders Association installation. The food was great and I really enjoyed seeing many new faces. Time spent with fellow builders is always worth the effort. Congratulations to Brett Knapp on his election as President. The next two weeks we'll be visiting with several more local associations and I hope to see many of you there.

Hope you guys haven't missed the news lately; we as an association have had several positive things written! The Governor mentioned in her first ever Energy Plan to support the Oklahoma State Home Builder's Association in our efforts to educate and train on energy efficiency building practices. Our state treasurer Ken Miller in his recent economic report mentioned the importance of tax credits and their transferability - boiling it down to cost versus benefit with a positive note. Our association continues to stand out as a knowledge base for the legislators and one that many have turned to for good solid advice. Mike and many others deserve recognition and praise for these accomplishments.

I want to continue to remind everyone we need members. With your hard work and sacrifices we have been flat for the last year and half but from the beginning of this year we are down 4%. November's report is not in and we have heard many associations did good, so keep your fingers crossed that this report is better than October's.

And as usual, I want to mention the importance of supporting our political action committee (PAC). This is an election year and we MUST elect candidates that understand small business. Call me and ask how you can help.

This is my next to last update as your State President. Next month will be my last column. Be sure to come to our State Installation and support Brandon Perkins as he takes over the reigns for 2012.

Upcoming Events

Next month is our annual Installation Banquet. Be sure to make your reservations today. We have a little information regarding the banquet on down the page. We also have a lot of educational events coming up as well. Mark the dates on your calendar for those you plan to attend:

Jan 11 - CAPS I (Certified Aging in Place Specialist)

Jan 12 - CAPS II

Jan 18 - Business Management for Building Professionals

Jan 20 - Installation Banquet - Southern Hills Country Club

You can visit our website ( to obtain more information or register online.

Installation Banquet

Our annual installation banquet will be held on January 20 at the beautiful Southern Hills Country Club in Tulsa. The event will start with a cocktail hour at 6:00 pm with the dinner and program starting at 7:00 pm.

This year we will be installing Brandon Perkins as the 2012 OSHBA President. We will also install Jeff Click as our VP/Treasurer and Todd Booze as our VP/Secretary.

We have been informed that the Immediate Past Chairman of NAHB, Bob Jones, will be attending.

This event is free for current Gold Key and above Build-PAC participants. It is only $100 per couple and the proceeds help to benefit Build-PAC. Be sure to make your reservations today!

You can register online by clicking here.

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