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The city of Oklahoma City provided us with a list of Top 10 building (non-mechanical) reasons for rejecting a new building during inspection, and we're going to list them in a countdown to No. 1. Today we offer reasons 5-1.

5.             Interior Wall Bracing  (R602.4 Interior load-bearing partitions): Interior load bearing partitions shall be constructed, framed and firestopped as specified for exterior walls.1.     Wind Bracing Requirements - (Section R602.3 and Table R602.3 (3) The nailing requirements are usually incorrect

4. Sill Plates (Anchoring)  (Section 403.1.6): Bolts shall be placed 6 feet on center and not more than 12 inches from corners

3. Field built Beams - (Section R602.7 for Headers): (2x10, 2x12's nailed together to carry roof loads and cover spans). No direct language in the code to address this application, we reference Table R502.5 (1) and 502.5 (2) (maximum spans for headers).

2.  Roof Bracing (Valley, Hips, Purlins) - Section R802 (Sec. R802.5.1) (Sec. R802.3): Improper bracing off of TJI's Purlins may be installed to reduce the span. Hip and Valley rafters shall be supported at the ridge by a brace to a bearing partition or be designed to carry and distribute the specific load at that point

And the No. 1 reason for building rejection (non-mechanical) in Oklahoma City:

1. Wind Bracing Requirements - (Section R602.3 and Table R602.3: The nailing requirements are usually incorrect


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