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Mark Dale family

The family of Mark Dale gathers for a portrait at the OSHBA Installation Banquet and Oklahoma Housing Hall of Fame induction. Mark Dale (inset photo below)

The late Mark Dale touched the lives of his, family, colleagues and customers as a long time Oklahoma home builder. Along with Joe Robson, Mark was one of the first two inductees into the inaugural class of the Oklahoma Housing Hall of fame.  The heartfelt, emotional tributes in this 3-minute, 41-second video tell a powerful story about who Mark Dale was and the impact he had.  Thanks to all who gave their time and thought to this video.  Watch it here, then read some of the tributes:


Mark Dale“When I think of Mark Dale I think of integrity, and also professionalism. There are not any other words that I can think of that describe Mark.”
-- Mike Means

“He would treat everybody with respect at all times and would never talk down to them and I think Mark did that better than anybody I ever met.”
-- Mike Gilles

“He had a standard and he did not waiver from that standard in how he put houses together. And he did it with a lot of class and a lot of flair.”
-- BK Turner

“Mark never sought involvement, Mark never sought the spotlight, but in so many instances inevitably whenever there was a situation that needed some really solid analysis, Mark’s name came up.”
-- Jeff Click

“I mean he answered a call to serve in a dark time. He helped hold back the darkness, not to overstate it too awful much, but he did. He was a public face for this business when it could have been a real downer and he kept it from being a real huge downer.”
-- Richard Mize

“There is not a week that goes by that I am not reminded of him, his influence over this industry, his influence over me.”
-- Jeff Click



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