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To provide the best possible building experience for your customers, open communication and planning are the best strategies to reduce conflict, manage expectations, eliminate costly errors and gain trust.

This was the message delivered to builders who attended an International Builders’ Show seminar earlier this month that focused on managing customer expectations.

Ed Earl, the principal of Priority 1 Projects in San Diego, said that he uses a collaborative approach, in which the entire building team is chosen at the onset of the project. The team consists of the architect, the builder, the decorator, the construction project manager and the client.

In this approach, the client states up front how much they want to spend on the project, enabling their budget to drive the design process. The construction project manager is the team leader who manages project costs and with input from the builder, ensures that the architect does not design something that the client can’t afford. The design is completed with real pricing for all materials, labor, supervision profit and overhead.

“In other words, the project is completed before it started,” Earl said. “Projects following this process  ... “ Read the article at the NAHB website

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