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Skilled workerAt an International Builders’ Show seminar in Orlando earlier this month, Brian Hall, vice president of construction at Charlotte, N.C.-based Classica Homes, outlined four steps his firm has taken to ensure it is the “builder of choice” in its local market.

  1. Hire the best of the best. Hall says there are only two National Housing Quality (NHQ) certified trade contractors in Charlotte, and his firm does business with each of them.
  2. Provide an open-door communication policy. Classica Homes holds quarterly and semiannual meetings with its trade suppliers to review its sales, starts and closings; current and upcoming land positions; and model and design studio needs.
  3. Create a simple system. Classica Homes has established a weekly schedule with its trade partners for each project and instituted a six-week look ahead.
  4. Develop long-term partners. “We treat our trades with respect and as true partners,” said Hall. “I have never discussed a meeting with a trade partner where an issue was 100% their fault. We try to see things from their perspective.” Classica Homes also works with ... Read the article at the NAHB website
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