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A Developer’s Guide to Post-Construction Stormwater Regulation provides state-by-state breakdowns of different regulatory approaches.

It’s no secret that stormwater regulations are getting more complex. Are you prepared to advocate for smart, flexible and affordable requirements the next time your state permit comes up for renewal?

The brand-new NAHB stormwater toolkit has got you covered.

The online toolkit helps builders and their HBAs make the case for programs that provide a clear path to compliance, reduce redundancy, and help meet water quality goals.

Contents include

  • “Stormwater 101” – an introduction to the topic
  • A look at EPA’s small lot template, a streamlined approach for smaller projects
  • State-by-state breakdowns of national permitting trends
  • Tips for how to make green infrastructure, also known as low-impact development, work in your community

There’s plenty more, including planning checklists and links to resources from other organizations to help you better manage your stormwater issues.

As part of the toolkit launch, NAHB this week released Developer’s Guide to Post-Construction Stormwater Regulation. This report breaks down state-by-state data on five top post-construction permitting issues affecting members in the field:

  • Maintenance responsibility
  • Flood control
  • Green infrastructure and LID requirements
  • Off-site compliance and fee-in-lieu options
  • Market-based mechanisms and incentives

“This research will allow professionals in the construction and development industry to learn what’s being adopted across the country and how their state fits in,” said Daniel Lloyd, chair of NAHB’s Environmental Issues Committee.

“Since there is no one-size-fits all approach when it comes to stormwater, we wanted to provide simple checklists that compare pros and cons of different regulatory approaches based on climate, geography, and local land use patterns. Our hope is this data will be a powerful tool for our members to use when sitting down with state regulators to find a recipe that works.”

Look at the new stormwater toolkit and download this brochure that describes it for your friends and colleagues, and contact Eva Birk at 202-266-8124 with questions and suggestions for additional content. 

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