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The time to get registered and book your hotel is now! For what you may ask? The upcoming OK Building Summit & Expo, that's what.

This year's Summit is your "I don't want to miss this" event of the year. Great education to stay at the top of your building game. Great opportunity to meet and greet those special vendors who supply the products talked about (and who can also offer extra tidbits you need to know as a builder). And, a GREAT opportunity to network with your peers from across this great state.

Visit the Summit's website to see the list of speakers, sponsors and the two-day agenda.


Builders - there is not a better way to get up-to-date on codes than this Summit. Ok, so maybe codes are not your thing. But what about profits? Have you heard that our keynote is Chuck Shinn - aka "the Profit Doctor?" He is Worth.Your.Time.

Associates (and/or potential exhibitors)- still room to show your stuff if you're in to that sort of thing. If not, there is something for you. Networking! That's right, an evening event that will entertain and provide that perfect opportunity to meet decision makers. You can purchase tickets just to the dinner if that's what you want.

Either way, here is the link you've been waiting for -- click here to register.


Oh, one last thing, we have arranged a block of rooms for you. Come the night before - see downtown OKC (it is a hip place). Spend the night after the dinner. Or both. Same low rate applies. Did we mention it is at the Renaissance?! It's a sweet place. Click here to get booked.


Are you booked now? Good, see you in August.

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