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Mike Gilles, Savannah Homes
Mike Gilles, Savannah Homes

As we are still in shock from Sunday's and yesterday's devastating tornados, you may be wondering how you can help immediately. The Red Cross has sent notice that they have enough water and food right now. Others are busy collecting supplies that will be used for the cleanup.

However, there will still be a need for assistance that comes after the initial efforts are through. The effects of these storms will be felt for a long, long time.

Please consider a donation to the Oklahoma Home Builders Foundation. 100% of your tax deductible gift will go directly to those who need assistance. In fact, if you know of someone that needs help, send us their names and we will get the donation to them directly. That is what we did in 1999; we gave directly to those needing the assistance. There is one caveat: your gift must go to families where children are involved. They don't have to have been involved in the tornado -- such as those attending the elementary school -- but a home where children lived was damaged or destroyed. If you have any questions, give us a call at (405) 843-1508.

Please feel free to share this message.

You can mail your donation to Oklahoma Home Builders Foundation, P.O. Box 14005, Oklahoma City, OK 73105. Thank you for your consideration.


Mike Gilles, President

Oklahoma Home Builders Foundation

P.O. Box 14005, Oklahoma City, OK 73105

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