The Oklahoma Home Builders Association (OkHBA) is committed to high standards of professionalism, safety, fairness, progressive building techniques and the preservation of free enterprise values.

More than a decade ago, the organization became concerned with the lack of home-builder licensing in the state. Without licensing, anyone can call himself or herself a builder, and not be liable should something go wrong.

Initially, the organization supported legislation to implement licensing in the state, but this legislation failed.

With licensing tabled, the association worked to develop a designation to increase professionalism in the industry and set the best builders apart from their competitors.

In January 2001, OkHBA created the Certified Professional Builder program. A Certified Professional Builder voluntarily commits to a set of industry best practices. These include carrying workers compensation and general liability insurance, building to required code standards and taking continuing education classes to stay at the top of his or her field among other requirements.

Read more about Certified Professional Builder program requirements.

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