Posted on May 3, 2013 by Mike Means

Happy Friday HBA Members!

How about the crazy weather? Who thought we would be wearing coats in May? Right now I'm thinking of some spicy chili for Cinco de Mayo, how about you?

Well, another week has come and gone at the Oklahoma Capitol. The Legislature has begun the task of accepting or rejecting amendments from the opposite house. What that means, for example, is if the Senate made an amendment to a House bill, the House either accepts or rejects the amendment. Most of the time, they reject the amendment and send the bill to conference.

It is during conference that strange things can happen. Sometimes they work out the difference to a bill and move on down the road. Other times, well, it is like sending a car in to a garage and when it comes out it looks like a truck. Things just happen.

But there were two notable exceptions this week. First, the Senate approved the House amendments to the Workers Compensation bill. By approving the amendments, the bill went to the Governor. As I write this memo, she has yet to sign it, but has indicated she will. That will mean Oklahoma will move to an administrative system for Workers Compensation.

The other exception was the House approved the Senate amendments to the income tax bill. It too has been sent to the Governor and is awaiting her signature. Tax cuts will become a reality with her signature.

Wait a minute! Senate approves House amendments, House approves Senate amendments, and a budget deal has already been agreed to by the Governor, Speaker and President Pro Tempore! Can this mean that politicians can actually work together and get something done?

Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus!! We live in Oklahoma, a "can do" state.

Now, let's hope the Thunder wins tonight.....

Until next time,

Mike Means

State EO

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