Posted on October 1, 2012 by Mike Means

Fall is here. I love the crisp, cool air. Not because it is more comfortable when I am riding

Brandon Perkins

my bike or running, but because it means the grass is going dormant and I can quit mowing!

With Fall comes a lot of activities with the HBAs. The Central Oklahoma HBA is in the middle of their Parade of Homes. The HBA of Greater Tulsa is having their Owasso Harvest of Homes. BASCO is having a planning retreat. All of the HBAs are busy with membership recruitment. More on that subject in just a moment.

Your State Association has a lot going on as well. The State Associates Council is holding their annual golf tournament on October 11 (see below). We will be holding our Fall Board of Directors on October 16 in Tulsa.

I really want to draw your attention to that date - October 16. That morning we will have a person from NAHB facilitate specialized training in membership. This is at the request of local leaders present at the summer convention.

This is what I need from you. I want each HBA to send their President, their Vice President, their EO, their Membership chair, or just about anyone that is taking a leadership role in membership recruitment, to this meeting. The State is paying for this training AND buying lunch! All I ask is that you let us know how many are coming from your HBA. It is important to the growth of each of our associations that we participate in this training. It is only a half of day - 8:00 to 12:00. It will be held at the HBA of Greater Tulsa. Call me if you have any questions.

It wouldn't be right for me to end right there. I have got to add a closing comment.

Membership is the lifeblood of any association. At our recent NAHB meeting in Austin, there was a lot of discussion on the changing face of membership. As the Baby Boomer generation begins to retire, the Gen X and the Gen Y folks will be the new members of our associations. We must connect with them. I truly believe this training opportunity and our collective resources will help our association thrive in the coming years. Please take some time October 16 for your industry.


- Brandon Perkins, 2012 State President



Upcoming Education Opportunities

Business Accounting & Job Cost - October 18

You asked for it and we listened! This is the NAHB course that helps Builders and Remodelers understand accounting principles and job cost procedures. This course will provide an introduction to the more common methods for new homes, construction loans and operating capital will be covered. (We have heard from the instructor that this is his favorite course to teach, so should be a good one!)

Builders Guide to Structural Insulated Panels - October 25

This is an encore presentation of the class held recently in Tulsa. Structural Insulated Panels (SIPS) is a high-tech, cost effective building system for residential and commercial buildings with less construction time, much higher wind strength and significantly lower energy operating costs. SIPS are now the single largest dollar-saving impact material in a Green Built Building.

Wall Bracing - What does the IRC 2009 require? - October 30

We have had lots of questions. Now come hear the answer. This half day class will be held at the Moore-Norman Technology Center's Penn Campus. Bring your framers, we'll bring the inspectors. Then everyone will be on the same page.

What to Do When Your Customer Goes Ballistic - November 1

This course will give you some tools to handle the personal relation skills needed for dealing with customers - from suppliers to the buyers.

CLEAN Building - November 15

Everyone has heard of "green" building, but what about "clean" building? This 3 hour course brings in the ethical side of building. Bring your team and prepare for building honesty, ethics, and integrity to your business' foundation.

Okay, everybody needs a little fun - so check out these two events...

State Associates Golf Tournament - October 11 - this annual event will be held at Fairfax Golf Club in Edmond.

Homebuilders PAC Sporting Clay Tournament - November 7 - once again builders, associates, and friends will be loading up their shotguns and heading to Silverleaf Shotgun Sports between Edmond and Guthrie to see who is the best shot.

Click here for information about these events


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