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Editor's Note: This transcription is taken from a video that highlights the value in networking that the OSHBA brings its associate members.

Most people think the Home Builders Association is basically home builders. But in reality, a large portion of the membership are Associate members. And I think what an Associate Member needs to realize is they're not only focused on trying to earn a builder's relationship and business, but it's other associate members that have the opportunity to use their product and services as well. So it is truly a large network you are trying to develop a relationship with. There are many networking opportunities on a state level and on a local level.

Local levels have monthly membership meetings that give opportunities to socialize and network. There are the quarterly state board meetings that give the opportunity for networking and then there's the legislative part of it with education on code and government affairs. In looking back over the last 16-plus years of membership, when I came in as a member I thought of it only as a networking opportunity. But in reflection, the biggest value I have received is basically the relationships on both a personal level and a professional level. I wouldn't trade the networking resources that I have available to me for anything.



--Gina Cox 2014 State Associates Chair

Click the arrow on the video link at the top to watch this 95-second video and gain insight into value that networking brings both members and associate members alike.

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