Posted on March 15, 2012 by Mike Means

We continue to monitor several bills - a service provided to you by your membership in OSHBA. Some we hope to see fail; some we are working diligently to pass. Click here to see the bill tracking report.

There are some interesting things to note about the bills. The bills that are dead cannot be used again. I have removed them from the tracking report.

You will see some that say "dormant pursuant to the rules." These bills can still be used and in the past many bills in this situation are "resurrected" and used to advance an issue. They bear monitoring because you just never know when this might happen.

HB 2572 is dead. It dealt with mandating a certain action for mobile home parks. This demonstrates the current legislature is pretty consistent in opposing mandates. This is encouraging.

I was disappointed in the death of another bill - SB 1132. It dealt with the task force on unnecessary government regulations. Either the leadership felt there were no unnecessary government regulations or, more likely, this fell under the Department of Redundancy Department category. (Tongue in cheek firmly planted!)

Don't forget we are having our Home Builders Capitol Visit day on March 28. Plan to join us as ANY member of the Association is welcome. Call the office if you want details.

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