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HBA Members:

After nine years of service to the Tulsa HBA, I have decided to pursue a new opportunity. Having navigated the HBA through the worst recession in memorable history and overseeing the biggest remodel our building has experienced since its construction, I am proud of my accomplishments here. While this decision did not come easily or lightly, my entire family is excited about starting a new chapter in our lives. In this regard, I have accepted the position of Executive Vice President of the HBA of Raleigh, North Carolina.

Paul Kane
Paul Kane

I believe that this move will give me an opportunity to take on new challenges with the HBA that has the largest membership in the country (over 3,000 members) and at the same time move our family closer to many colleges and universities of interest to our children who are rapidly approaching college age.

The decision to leave Tulsa and the HBA is among the hardest decisions I've made. The past nine years have been exciting and fun for me. However, I do look forward to starting anew with a new association, and I believe that it will be good for the Tulsa HBA to bring a new executive, with new ideas, new talents and a new enthusiasm.

In order to facilitate the transition, I have told the senior officers and Board of Directors that I will remain for eight weeks before I leave. This would make my last day in the office Friday, September 18. This will enable me to help with the transition period.

I have loved working at the Tulsa HBA. I have more respect and admiration for the leadership, the board, the members and employees of the HBA than I have probably ever adequately expressed. I look forward to hearing about how the Tulsa HBA will continue to grow and thrive under the guidance of my successor. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be your executive officer for the past nine years.

Paul Kane

Executive Vice President/CEO

Home Builders Association of Greater Tulsa

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