Posted on November 14, 2014 by Todd Booze

It's hard to believe we are already in the last couple of months of 2014! I wish all of you a great Thanksgiving Holiday!

October was an extremely busy month at OSHBA. Let me share some highlights:

Todd Booze
Todd Booze

First, I would like to thank David Brookshire for his efforts in helping put on the annual sporting clay shoot which benefits our State Homebuilders PAC. It was a tremendous success with close to 100 participants and we appreciate all of you that participated. We had a special guest come and speak to our group at lunch - US Senator James Inhofe - who filled us in on the state of issues in Washington D.C. After last Tuesday's election I am sure the Senate can now get moving on the nation's most pressing issues that have not been addressed over the last 8 years.

Second, the IRC review committees are in full swing reviewing the 2015 IRC. A special thanks to all of you that are participating at your local level. Our plan is to get feedback on suggested amendments to the code, gather and review at the state level, and then prepare those for upcoming technical committee meetings.

Later this month the OUBCC will be accepting applications for the various technical committees - Building, Plumbing, Mechanical and Electrical - so if you are interested in serving please contact Mike at the State Office (405-843-5579). This also serves as a plea to encourage trades to participate in the technical committees of their disciplines so we can have representation from the residential industry.

Also in October we held our final Board meeting of the year in Stillwater. Here are a few items of interest to update you on;

Building Summit: Mark your calendar for August 26-27th at the Cox Convention Center in downtown OKC. The committee is in the process of developing training curriculum so please respond to the surveys regarding items of interest. This will ensure our collective needs are addressed.

Legislative Agenda 2015: As mentioned earlier this year, we will be moving forward with legislation to implement statewide builder registration. With over 78% of our membership responding in support of this we feel like the timing is right. We will need help across the state with you, our members, contacting your local legislative representatives to encourage their support.

Finally, the Board approved next year's slate of officers and I would like to congratulate and thank them for their commitment to serve our industry.

President- Phil Rhees

1st VP/Treasurer-Kurt Dinnes

2nd VP/Secretary- Dan Reeves

Associate Council

Chair - Steve Sullivan

Vice Chair - Steve Taylor

Treasurer - Vanessa Shadix

Secretary - Chris Evans

Build PAC Trustee-Tony Foust

The installation of Officers is scheduled for January 10th at the Mayo Hotel in Tulsa. Please make plans to attend. There is a link for registration on the website.

-- Todd Booze, 2014 OSHBA State President

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