Posted on January 3, 2012 by Brandon Perkins

Since this is my last briefing, I spent a little time looking back at what I had written

Michael Herndon,
2011 OSHBA President

throughout the year and noticed I didn't always stay on track. I talked about the excitement of catching the white (sand) bass during the spring spawning, of the beautiful sound of the bugling elk in the Colorado mountains during the fall, and the beauty of the whitetail deer. But there are no regrets; for no matter what you accomplish what would you gain if you didn't spend some time enjoying God's creation along the way?

This Fall I've had the special privilege of visiting with many local associations as I traveled around the state for your leadership installations. I say special because I've been allowed a look into what makes our association so great (special people)! I believe now more than ever that our association will continue for many years to stand out as one of the best, leading the way with legislation and other ideas to allow families to enjoy the comfort and security of home ownership.

It's been a long tough road for many but we're finally able to see positive signs of improvement.Consumer confidence rose 10 points in December, S&P home builder's stocks showed to be the biggest gainers in December, benefiting from data showing pending home sales the best in 19 months. With Oklahoma the fourth fastest-growing state for jobs in 2011 we should see a better 2012 than most. All this said, we still need to proceed with caution knowing we still have obstacles to overcome.

NAHB and our local PAC needs your support. Please consider this in your 2012 budgets. We have presented a challenge to all local and state board members to at least become a Club 2012 member of Build-PAC with a donation of $20.12. I would like for all locals to put this on their agenda as a challenge at their next meeting.

I feel very blessed to have been able to serve this past year as your president. Now as the time comes near to turn over the reins I have complete confidence in your future leadership and will continue to support this association. Thanks for a great year and the many friendships.

"I am not afraid of tomorrow, for I have seen yesterday and I love today." - William Allen White

Michael Herndon, 2011 State President


Message from Brandon Perkins

Hello everyone and Happy New Year! I am excited about the prospects of 2012 and hope you are too. As Michael noted, we have definitely had some challenges but things are looking up for 2012. With national and state elections ahead of us I am sure we are all up to the challenge of picking the right people to lead us.


One of the goals I had last year was to make the process of giving to our various PACs easier...give once and it goes to all three. That is still my goal and you will see more information on that idea coming soon.

I will share more with you next month after the Installation. Thank you to each of you for what you bring to the Association.


Soon to be your fully installed 2012 President,


Brandon Perkins


Upcoming Events


Our annual Installation Banquet is right around the corner. Be sure to make your reservations today. We have a little information regarding the banquet on down the page. We also have a lot of educational events coming up as well. Mark the dates on your calendar for those you plan to attend:


Jan 11 - CAPS I (Certified Aging in Place Specialist)


Jan 12 - CAPS II


Jan 18 - Business Management for Building Professionals


Jan 20 - Installation Banquet - Southern Hills Country Club


You can visit our website ( to obtain more information or register online.


Installation Banquet


Our annual installation banquet will be held on January 20 at the beautiful Southern Hills Country Club in Tulsa. The event will start with a cocktail hour at 6:00 pm with the dinner and program starting at 7:00 pm.


This year we will be installing Brandon Perkins as the 2012 OSHBA President. We will also install Jeff Click as our VP/Treasurer and Todd Booze as our VP/Secretary.


Immediate Past Chairman of NAHB, Bob Jones, will be attending and sharing remarks about the national picture. He will also be installing the new officers.


This event is free for current Gold Key and above Build-PAC participants. It is only $100 per couple and the proceeds help to benefit Build-PAC. Be sure to make your reservations today!


You can register online by clicking here.

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