Posted on April 10, 2014 by Todd Booze

As we enter the spring, activities at OSHBA are heating up.

Last week, we had our Spring Board meeting, which started with our Legislative Day at the Capitol. I want to thank the 60-plus members who showed up last week to support our efforts at the Capitol and walk the halls visiting with their Legislators. This has become an annual event Mike implemented several years ago, and it is one of the most important activities we can participate in to support our industry legislative efforts and keep a strong presence at the Capitol.

Todd Booze

Todd Booze

I would like to thank COHBA for hosting the State Board meeting, and we have several exciting events going on this year. A few of the high points from the meeting are:

State Contracts are now available and can be accessed via our website ( I would like to thank Tulsa's EO Paul Kane and the Contracts Committee for heading up this effort to develop this service for our builder members. (Members of the Committee were Paul Kane, Larry Cagle, Phil Rhees, Mike Doughty, Don Fryer, Tom French, Mark Livingston, Barry Helms, Peter Grant, Ken Saltink, Fred Pruett and Shawn Roberts)

Hub/CFR announced they have secured an insurance carrier to offer an exclusive program for our Associate members that has proven to save substantial amounts off all lines of insurance. Contact Justin Wimberley or Mark Priess with HUB International/CFR for more information regarding the program. ((800) 375-8631)

After a request from membership, we are looking into forming a Remodeler's Council at the State level. Initial meeting took place prior to Board and we should have more information coming soon. Thanks to Jack Werner and Stacey Bales for their efforts. Jack urges anyone interested to contact him for more information via OSHBA.


Finally, I would like to thank Brandon Perkins for his service as our State Representative to NAHB for the last three years. With his increasing responsibilities as Build PAC Trustee for Oklahoma, he will be resigning his role at NAHB Spring Board in June. The Board nominated Kurt Dinnes to succeed him, and we appreciate Kurt's willingness to step up and assume this leadership position with NAHB.

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