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This Q&A with Dusty Johnston was originally published in Edmond Life & Leisure At Home.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Dusty Johnston of Liberty Homes is the inaugural honoree of the Oklahoma State Home Builders Association "Certified Professional Builder" monthly winner. Johnston has been a CPB since the program's inception in 2002. He has been a president of his local homebuilders' association and has served on several local committees. Here are his views on the Certified Builder program.

Q. Why should the homebuyer care about whether their home builder is a Certified Professional Builder or not?

The Certified Professional Builder status allows a home builder to set himself apart from

other builders. Since Oklahoma does not require licensing of home builders, anyone

can call himself or herself a builder. Electricians are licensed; plumbers are licensed,

but not home builders. While licensing is not currently required in the state, consumers

want something that lends credibility and trust to their decision when contracting a

builder. After all, building a home is the largest investment many will make in their lives,

one that they do not take lightly.

Certified Professional Builders guarantee they will build to code, as well as guarantee

their work for at least one year. With last year's legislative passage of the state's

first Uniform Building Code, all builders will need to build to code -- in rural areas or

otherwise. This provides an initial layer of protection. Certification guarantees it.

Q. What is a Certified Professional Builder?

All certified builders carry a workers compensation policy and substantial liability

coverage. Clients can rest assured if damages do occur, the builder has insurance and

responsibility. If a roofer falls and breaks his back, the homeowner could be sued if the

builder doesn't have such coverage

The way we build homes has changed in the last five years, let alone the last 20 or

30. Continuing education classes teach the new, best methods for home building. The

certification requires the builder complete at least nine hours of classes each year.

These classes keep him or her up-to-date on new insurance, safety and ethics rules

and regulations.

Also, Certified Professional Builders offer a client assurance that all building will comply

with local, state and national building codes. Without this guarantee, clients do not know

if they are getting a well-constructed home. This is particularly true in areas where code

compliance is often a gray area with low standards.

Q. Why are you a Certified Professional Builder?

The certification is an upper level of building professional. It gives me a distinction

between my competition, it is a higher ranking and, basically, the certification ensures

higher quality for the home buyer. We all try to achieve to be the best, and this is one

way to get there.

Q. Where does a home buyer find a listing of Certified Professional Builders?

More than 2,500 individuals in the state consider themselves to be home builders, but

more than150 of these individuals are Certified Professional Builders. Their names can

be found on the Oklahoma State Home Builders Association website, along with their

contact information and website, if applicable. Go to

Q. During the various "Parade of Homes" shows throughout the metro area, how else may I locate Certified Professional Builders?

A Certified Professional Builder logo is utilized on a home builder's marketing materials

and is displayed outside their "Parade" home. All of this recognition lends credibility to

the work of certified builders and shows these builders are taking steps to maintain their

status as one of the elite in the state.

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