Posted on February 3, 2015 by Mike Means

Greetings HBA Members!

Mike Means
Mike Means

I am going to do the weekly update in a different fashion this year. Instead of giving a whole list of bills to wade through my plan is to have a list with a link so you can view them if so desired.Otherwise, I will touch on a couple of highlights each week to keep you current with the mood and actions of the Legislature.

(Here is the link)

Things kicked off February 2 with the annual State of the State given by the Governor. Then the process will begin of hearing and voting on the various bills.

This first report will give you the key bills to watch -- HB 1650 removes the mesh size of the net for commercial turtle hunting; SB 492 removes the civil liability penalties if one shoots down a drone (outside city limits of course) flying over one's property.

Ok, so those aren't the key bills. Just a couple of the more than 2000 bills that will be considered at the beginning. I will give you the real ones to watch starting next week.

Good Reading!

Mike Means, State EO

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