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EDITOR'S NOTE: Several 2014 Summit attendees told us what dollars they saved in learning process-efficiency principles. This year's Summit will be equally beneficial to the bottom line. Here's what builder Shawn Forth says:

"There are 200 things in a house, and if we can just get to one a month or a week, I think we can create some great savings. I think It's going to help tremendously. We're going to build 24 to 30 homes this year; those numbers are pretty easy to figure. Twenty four times $10,000 is a quarter of a million dollars. I think there is a huge opportunity there to create some savings, so taking a day to come out here and work toward that goal is pretty easy."

-- Shawn Forth

Shawn Forth Custom Homes, Edmond

We encourage you to register now for the 2015 Summit.

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